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This is the list of current Ages. If one is missing, please let us know!

To visit all these Ages, you'll need UruAgeManager(which is a part of Drizzle) and to download the 3 items with "required" next to them. Instructions here: Drizzle.

(Alternatively, you can visit them online on The Uam Shard.)

If you're looking for hints and walkthroughs of the converted Ages (i.e. Moul/Crowthistle/Myst5/Hexisle/Magiquest), see here: Converted Age Walkthroughs

The Gallery of all the Ages is here: UAM/Ages/Gallery

The Chronology of Ages is here: UAM/Ages/Chronology

And here is the Age changelog: Drizzle/AgeChangelog

The UAM walkthrough team is L.K. and Dustin!

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