I'm glad to announce my long-awaited retirement!

(For those who are wondering: All the UAM files will be kept in place, as will the wiki, and the UAM Shard will continue to function as-is.)

I've been wanting to leave Uru for quite a while now. I hadn't wanted to leave because I feared people would fall prey to those in question, and I felt as though I would be letting folks down. (You can see it here; please read it if you haven't already: http://myst.dustbird.net/uru-account.htm.)

After I posted this, many people shared their own bad experiences with me, saying they had either given up trying to do something about it, or had never felt confident enough to try. Thank you for your kind replies!

With this warning done, I feel pretty good about leaving now :)

I feel that you now know enough about the goings-on to keep yourself in good hands, if you choose to. But you *do* need to choose to. That may mean that you need to retire from Uru too. (Or at least the online/community aspect of it.) That may be a good idea. But in the end, you must decide!

I hope you've enjoyed all the things brought into Uru, from Fans and other Cyan games both. Perhaps we'll meet again, here or there :)

Regards, Dustin.
(November 2011)