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General Introduction

Drizzle is a collection of tools, but the two we're interested in here, are the "Conversion(Simplicity)" tab and the "UruAgeManager(UAM)" tab. "Conversion(Simplicity)" will allow you to convert Moul/Myst5/Crowthistle Ages for playing in Uru, while "UruAgeManager(UAM)" will allow you to download/install Ages and utilities for Uru.

Some of the many other useful features include:

  • "The Art" tab, which converts Ages made with Cyan's plugin in 3dsmax, so that they can be played in Uru.
  • "Memories" tab, which will get the KI pictures and text notes from various Uru games for you.
  • Talcum, a Moulagain compatible server (including built-in database and fileserver!)
  • Misc->WikiSpider, which will spider a wiki and backup the source text and images.
  • Advanced->Decompile, which will decompile compiled Python files, more correctly and about 42 times faster than Decompyle.
  • Server->DataserverGenerator, which will create the files needed for admins of Alcugs shards.
  • Misc->DrizzleDeepview, which allows you to inspect prps very deeply.

Getting Help

Feel free to email me at mystAtDustbirdDotNet! I'll try to put up answers/solutions on this wiki too.

Downloading and Installing Drizzle

  1. You will need Java installed if you don't have it already; you can get it here:
  2. You can get the latest version of Drizzle here: The download is a file called Drizzle31.jar (the 31 is the version number, so it may be higher). You can put this file wherever you want: on your Desktop, or in your Uru folder, or wherever.
  3. You should now be able to just double-click Drizzle31.jar to start Drizzle! (If you don't have Java installed, Windows won't know what to do with this file, and it may be opened with some archiver like Winrar, instead of being executed. If so, install Java. If the problem persists, the fix is in the troubleshooting section.)

You can optionally get updates through the UAM tab! (For old versions, see the Download Page:

Using Drizzle

  1. Install Uru if you haven't already: either Ages Beyond Myst and then Path of the Shell, or Complete Chronicles. They both work out to the same in the end. (If you're running Vista, see the troubleshooting section.)
  2. Install Drizzle as Described above.
  3. Start Drizzle. (You can always come back to download/convert more later)

Downloading fan Ages

  1. Go to the "UruAgeManager(UAM)" tab.
  2. Set the "Pots folder" to wherever you installed Uru. (It will warn you later if it can't find it there.)
  3. Click "Get Latest List" to download the most recent list of available Ages.
  4. Simply select the Age you want (and optionally the version) and click download. It will download and install the Age.
  5. In particular, you'll want the "Offline-KI" (at the top of the list of Ages), since it's what lets you link to all the Ages you've installed.

Converting Moul/Myst5/Crowthistle Ages

  1. Go to the "Conversion(Simplicity)" tab
  2. Set the "Pots Folder" to wherever you installed Uru. If this is for the Uam Shard, that path is: "C:\Users\<YourWindowsUsername>\AppData\Local\UamShard\", replacing "<YourWindowsUsername>" with your Windows username.
  3. Set the "Myst 5 Folder" (or whatever game you're doing) to wherever you've installed that game. (It will warn you later if it can't find it there.)
  4. (You don't have to enter info for all the games, just the one you want to convert. E.g. "Moul", "Myst 5", "Crowthistle", "HexIsle", or "Magiquest".)
  5. Click the "Start" button on that game's line to start converting; it may take a while, but it will say in the log at the bottom when it's done.
  6. Click the "Sound Decompress" button after it's done converting, otherwise the sounds won't work in the game. If Sound Decompress crashes, see the troubleshooting section below.
  7. The "Linking to Ages" section below tells you how to get to these converted Ages!

Linking to Ages

  1. If playing offline, you'll need the Offline-KI, which you can download like an Age through Drizzle. Just see the step on Downloading fan Ages above.
  2. You can go to the Nexus to find the Fan Ages you've installed.
  3. You can find links to Moul Ages (if you've converted them) around the City and Bevin.
  4. You can find links to Myst5 Ages (if you've converted them) by going back to the Cleft after you've got your KI, and finding an easy spot to jump over the fence, and make your way into the volcano...
  5. You can find links to Crowthistle Ages (if you've converted them) in the lower right of the Relto bookshelf.

Getting the Music from the Games

  1. Go to the "Conversion(Simplicity)" tab, then to the "Music" tab.
  2. As it says, you'll need to fill in the locations of the various games in the other tabs.
  3. Click the button for each game you want to copy the music from.
  4. You can now listen to the music in Relto, using the music box(which is a Yeesha page).
  5. Optional: if you want to listen to the music without Uru, the files can be found in Uru's folder, under a sub-folder called "MyMusic". These are .ogg files that can be listened to with VLC media player, e.g.

Proxy Server

  1. This is used for viewing archived websites, such as The Riven Journals, Riven Elementary, the Myst4 website, the Myst5 website, etc.
  2. Details here: Drizzle/ProxyServer

Game Help

  1. This has some help for solving some puzzles.
  2. Details here: Drizzle/GameHelp


  1. This tab lets you save your images, text notes, etc. and creates a nice html page so you can view them. (Known to work for both offline Uru and Alcugs)
  2. Details here: Drizzle/Memories


  1. This tab has various lesser useful features.
  2. Details here: Drizzle/MiscTab


  1. This tab has advanced/difficult to use features, some of which may no longer work.
  2. Details here: Drizzle/Advanced

Tips and Tricks

  • If you would like a random Age suggested (so you can visit it!), go to the 'Misc' tab and click 'Name a Random Age!'.
  • If you would like the latest list of Fan Ages downloaded every time Drizzle starts up, select the "Download most recent Age list at startup" on the UruAgeManager tab.
  • If you would like the last Age list you got to be used, so that UruAgeManager will work offline, select the "Load last saved list at startup" on the UruAgeManager tab.
  • If you wish to reset something to its default, right-click it and select "set as default".
  • If you want to use UruAgeManager on a computer that is offline:
    • Copy the "agearchives" folder from the Uru installation of a computer that is online and has downloaded the Ages you want. (Alternatively, you could go to [1] and save this uam.status.xml file along with any of those 7z files into a folder you call "agearchives".)
    • On the offline computer, start Drizzle, and go to the UAM tab, and check "Load last saved list on startup", and restart Drizzle.
    • You should now be able to install all the Ages you want!
  • If you would like to install multiple (or all) Ages at once, either:
    • a)Hold down Ctrl while selecting the Ages you want, or
    • b)To select a range, select the first one, hold down Shift, then select the last one
    • And then hit Download and they will all be downloaded and installed!
  • If you would like to change the brightness of Drizzle, the Misc tab asks you "How rainy of a day is it?"

Ages and Screenshots


Vista, Windows7, Windows8, and Windows10

Newer versions of windows have a security feature that makes for some trouble here. If you're running one of these Windows, you'll have to do either one of the following:

  • Option 1) Navigate to the Uru folder (e.g. "C:/Program Files/Ubi Soft/Cyan Worlds/Uru - Ages Beyond Myst/" or "C:/Program Files (x86)/Ubi Soft/Cyan Worlds/Uru - Ages Beyond Myst/") Right click that folder, go to properties, then the Security tab. Click on 'Edit', select the 'Users' group, and allow 'Full control' for that group. Then double-click UruSetup.exe, and give it permission to run if Vista asks.(You could also copy UruSetup.exe as UruCC.exe so that Vista will not ask in the future.) (Thanks Erik!)
  • Option 2) Move(i.e. 'cut', not 'copy') your Uru game from "C:/Program Files/Ubi Soft/Cyan Worlds/Uru - Ages Beyond Myst" to the "My Games" directory or your Desktop.

Windows 7

On Windows 7, Teledahn does not work properly. There are two possible fixes:

  • Option 1) Install the newest No-CD patch through UAM.
  • Option 2) You can fix that by right-clicking on your "UruExplorer.exe", choosing "Properties", then selecting "Compatibility" and enabling compatibility mode for Windows XP SP3. This however triggers some problems with videos copied from Myst V - so if you converted these ages, you should now remove the files "direboWithAlpha.bik" and "mystWithAlpha.bik" from your "avi" directory.

SoundDecompress crashes

There's a bug in Uru that can cause SoundDecompress to crash if you try to run it without having run Uru first. If this happens to you, start Uru, go to your Relto, then quit, and try SoundDecompress again.

Myst5 or Crowthistle Ages crash after installing "Myst5/CT Improvements"

I apologize, but you'll have to convert the Ages again, using a version of Drizzle 16 or higher.

If you don't use Drizzle 17 or higher, I recommend to first remove the improvements, then convert the ages again, and then install the improvements again - otherwise, you will have to convert the ages again after each update of the improvements.

Linking to Tahgira crashes

If you convert the Myst5 files with newer versions of Drizzle, this should be fixed! (This happens only for some people(myself included). So far as I can tell, though, you never crash if you use the 2nd of the 5 symbols on the pedestal in Direbo. So try using just that symbol.)

Offline KI and the ULM side-by-side

To make that working, you just have to install the Offline KI *after* the ULM. If you did it in the wrong order, just install the Offline KI again by pressing "Download" again.

Error: prpheader: Unknown version during conversion of Myst5

Some files probably begins with "TMSAMVOH", which is TryMedia's DRM they stuck on the IGN downloadable version of Myst5. You'll need a regular(i.e. disk) copy.

Crash when linking to Tsogal

You probably have your language set to German or French. Install the "LanguageChanger" from the UAM to switch your Uru installation to English.

Drizzle says "Warning: you should run Drizzle with a larger maximum heap space..."

This shouldn't happen with newer versions of Drizzle, so upgrade!

Old instructions: (Since Drizzle16.jar is really just a zip file, you probably unzipped it and ran the DrizzlePrp.jar file inside. You don't want to do that, you just want to run Drizzle16.jar itself. (If you don't have Java installed, Windows won't know what to do with this file, and it may be opened with some archiver like Winrar, instead of being executed. If so, install Java.) See the below item "Double-clicking Drizzle18.jar just opens it with WinRar, WinZip, or 7-zip".)

Double-clicking Drizzle31.jar just opens it with WinRar, WinZip, or 7-zip

We want it to be opened with Java, so install Java if you haven't already(as described in "Downloading and Installing Drizzle" above. If it still does it even though Java is installed, right-click Drizzle18.jar, go to "Open With"->"Choose Program" and select "Java(TM) Platform SE binary", make sure the "Always use the selected program to open this kind of file" checkbox is checked, and click "OK". If this doesn't work (perhaps because Vista is different), let me know on the forums.

Uru from Steam

This version of Uru contain's Steam's DRM. Fortunately, you should be able to install the No-CD patch from UAM on it, and that should overwrite the DRM.

Contributors and License

The source code license is GPLv3 or at your option, any later version.

  • L.K. with walkthroughs and the German translation
  • Dustin(aka ddb174) with coding
  • Chacal with the French translation
  • Wodan with the Dutch translation.

Advanced Info for Programmers