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UAM Advanced

This has a number of advanced UAM things, that would clutter up the main UruAgeManager tab.

Run tests

Checks to make sure things are consistent. E.g. that no two Ages use the same sequence prefix, and that no two pak files contain the same .py file. (use the "ignore known overrides" checkbox to ignore known, necessary cases of this.)

Generate uam.status.xml

Set the archive to wherever the age archives are stored, and click "Generate uam.status.txt".

Get offline list

Simply loads the last saved Age list. Normally, one would just select the "Load last saved Age list as startup" on the UAM tab.

Name a Random Age!

Picks a Fan Age or Cyan Age at random. (Also includes some garbage entries, just click again for another one in that case.)

List available Ages

Just dumps some info about the current Age list.

Wiki spider

Used for backing up wikis, this may be buggy so you should monitor it to make sure it doesn't go on forever.

Wiki spider:
This allows you to spider all the source from a wiki.
1) Set the Url to the location of the wiki, but not one of the actual pages.  Eg. "", 
                                                                              *not* "".  
                                                                              (Note: don't actually try to spider Wikipedia :P)
2) Set the outfolder to where you want the files saved.
3) Click Start!

Age reports

Dumps info about the files in some directory, including ogg files used, python files used, the contents of the .age file, and the contents of the .fni file.