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Version 31

  • Updated default server URL to new address. (This doesn't affect any custom URLs.)
  • Turns regular fries into poutine.

Version 30

  • Better Vista/Windows7 support!
  • Summarizes if there are any errors or warnings in the log.
  • Dataserver generator now checks for filename case changes, fixing a rare error.
  • "Launch Uru" button now works on Vista/Windows7.
  • Matrix editor in Deepview.
  • Updated to support Moulagain 1.902
  • New -simpledistill command-line command to distill a list of objects from a prp.
  • Improved 3dsmax conversion (but I've forgotten just what all changed.)
  • Misc other things I've forgotten!
  • Doubles over as a sump pump.

Version 29

  • Displays progress when downloading from moulagain and when decompiling python files.
  • Improved command-line support, such as closing properly and hiding the splashscreen.
  • Command-line "listobjects" function to just list the objects in a prp file.
  • Translated up the Minkata starting point, to hopefully fix the bug some people had with falling through the ground there.
  • 3dsmax conversion now has a "Partial Age" option for creating Relto Pages and Ahra Pahts shells.
  • Reorder objects to workaround a Plasma bug, where the names of objects was causing problems with subworlds. Subworlds now seem 100% stable!
  • Some minor improvements to DrizzleDeepview.
  • Bugfix for Moulagain clients: fixed memory leak
  • Talcum's automation is improved, so it is simpler to set up.
  • Sings nursery rhymes only *slightly* off-key.

Version 28

  • When restarting due to an update, settings file will now be saved first. (If settings are set to be saved, of course.)
  • Drizzle.jar will be created if it doesn't exist, even if installing the same version as is running. (Was causing problems because some people tried to install Drizzle26 with Drizzle26 or Drizzle27 with Drizzle27, and then there was no Drizzle.jar and thus Drizzle.exe didn't work.)
  • Moved around folders to make things more efficient.
  • 3dsmax conversion now handles subworld exit regions.
  • 3dsmax conversion makes sounds streaming, so that sounddecompress does not need to be run.
  • Uam list is automatically alphabetized during generation.
  • Small improvement to physics conversion. (Affects Moul,Mqo,3dsmax conversion.)
  • Finally replaced logbox with a colorized custom version.
  • Talks softly to you after you've had a long day.

Version 27

  • Fixed pagenums that are so large that they wrap around and increase the sequence prefix.
  • Added postmod to detect swim regions and change their physics to match the way Pots does them. (Moul does it more cleanly.)
  • Reorganized command line help.
  • cpython compiler caller
  • cpython version detector
  • Python differ
  • Python patcher
  • Shard file generator build into Uam updater
  • Fixes for Moul memories: null textnote titles, and ascii-27 esc char.
  • Make Talcum store the secureDownloadQueue files encrypted in RAM each time the authserver starts.
  • Have a command-line distillation function to suck the textures a prp uses into the prp. (Useful for 3dsmax conversion.)
  • More exclamation marks than an Archie comic!

Version 26

  • Fixed error message after installing an Age.
  • Age reports now include Vertex count.
  • Dataserver rewritten to make maximal use of information parsed last time, so that updates are very fast.
  • Dataserver now allows for an override file to make certain files belong to certain Ages.
  • Dataserver creates both Alcugs and Talcum manifests at the same time.
  • SDL parsing support.
  • Improved 3dsmax conversion
  • Pak file creation
  • Feature to remove pak overrides, so that we don't need to worry about which pak file has a newer date.
  • Command-line ability to translate an Age up or down
  • Memories tab can now connect to Moulagain and get pictures and textnotes!
  • Many new prp objects supported
  • Proxy server(imperfect)
  • Talcum (Moul) server
    • Database engine
    • SDL engine
    • Vault engine
    • File server
    • Html server with administration commands
  • Ability to download files from a Moulagain/Talcum server
  • Ability to download "Secure Download Queue" files from a Moulagain/Talcum server
  • Patcher for Moulagain binaries to make them work with a Talcum server
  • First Drizzle to be downloadable through UAM.
  • Plays with your children when you want a nap.

Version 25

  • Fixed two missing files from Python decompilation. *Now* it decompiles every single Python file.
  • Converts Moul subworlds now!
  • 3dsmax conversion now has a workaround for Cyan's texture bug. It deletes the texture file each time, forcing Plasma to remake it.
  • Option to launch Uru after 3dsmax conversion.
  • New ability to merge jars, so that libs can be merged in, rather than be recompiled each time.
  • Ability to self-update (hopefully^^), so that Drizzle26 will be in UAM.
  • Converts all three Ages from MagiquestOnline. Known to work with 1.1407 (and also 1.1399, e.g.)
  • Opens the door when your pets want in or out.

Version 24

  • added Flt editing to deepview
  • InplaceMod for a fix for the Gahreesen footstep sound crashing bug
  • InplaceMods for the Ahnonay Sphere 1 multiplayer crash (origin in swim region bug with Uru)(Dustin, w/ idea from a certain anonymous person)
  • InplaceMod for the Relto pine trees(Dustin)
  • InplaceMod for the Dynamic Relto book covers(Dustin)
  • Bugfix for plBoundInterface, which affected especially particle killers
  • Fix for Tsogal/Delin doors.
  • Improved scenenode creation.
  • Convert relativeMatrixChannelApplicator to MatrixChannelApplicator
  • Improved wikispider to give some error messages and leave the gui responsive.
  • New "The Art" tab with tools for Age writers
  • Tool to convert 3dsmax exports to Pots, so people can just click one button after exporting in 3dsmax, and it will create a playable Age in their Pots installation.
  • Improved KadishGalleryDoors fix.
  • Detects if 3dsmax export has encrypted .age file and warns. (Because of a bug with Plasma)
  • New major feature: DrizzleDecompile (in Advanced->Decompile)
    • A complete replacement for Decompyle
    • 100% correctly decompiles all Cyan Python files and the entire Python22 library! (Decompyle has a number of mistakes.)
    • 42 times faster than Decompyle! Decompiling all the Hexisle files took 255 seconds with Decompyle, and only 6 seconds with DrizzleDecompile.
  • Makes your choice of tea, coffee, or ovaltine; all for you to enjoy on a refreshingly misty morning.

Version 23

  • Splash screen so that you know Drizzle is starting.
  • No longer has an embedded jar; just relaunches itself.
  • "Working..." to indicate that Drizzle is busy.
  • Can still use tabs and scrollbars so that you can read the log and look around while Drizzle is working.
  • Refactored conversion; now all games use the same shared code.
  • Fixed bug with duplicated conversion messages.
  • Fixed old bug where after installing an Age, it was no longer selected.
  • Detect installed version of an Age.
  • Delete old archives.
  • Created InplaceMod framework.
  • InplaceMod for 2 Cleft prps that removes the collider for fence.
  • Button to clear all .sum files.
  • Fixed bug for case-sensitive folders.
  • Added dvByte to Deepview2.
  • Removed command that turned off gamma from MarshScene.fni
  • InplaceMod for a fix for city RelevanceRegions(fix from a certain anonymous person)
  • InplaceMod for a fix for city balcony marker(fix from a certain anonymous person)
  • InplaceMod for a fix for city museum door(fix from a certain anonymous person)
  • serialClone() should come in handy for some kinds of modifications!
  • Button in Conversion beside Pots for Inplace modifications not related to another game.
  • Huge set of distillation/automod/inplacemod changes to make Kadish Gallery Doors work! Thanks to everyone who has worked to get this done! This most recent attempt, which finally succeeded, included Agenotfound, Race, and myself.
  • InplaceMod for replacing Teledahn linking book with KirelMOUL one.
  • PostMod for a fix for the Tsogal language bug. (Thanks D'lanor!)
  • All languages up-to-date!
  • Drizzle23b: fixed bug with downloading age list at startup freezing.
  • Drizzle23b: fixed bug with selecting folder giving error in non-English languages.
  • Drizzle23b: fixed bug with being able to use keyboard even when "Working..." message is up.

Version 22

  • Support for all 6 Hexisle Ages
  • Simplified Conversion GUI
  • Hexisle Music support.
  • Removed global states to remove non-deterministic behavior, and moved their transformations to the PostMod system.
  • Make .age files directly Alcugs compatible
  • Agenotfound's Guildhall distillation.
  • Agenotfound's Heek distillation.
  • Major refactoring of AutoMod framework.
  • Major refactoring of Conversion framework.
  • Implemented several different vertex coders.
  • Handles new vertex system from Plasma v3. (new major portion.)
  • Now supports Plasma v3.
  • Make Relto bookshelf dynamic textures 25% as large to save a ton of memory. (Used new vertex coders to change them.)
  • Fixed Relto pine tree whose phyics should have disappeared when the Maple trees are shown.
  • Implemented Moul Relto Imager distillation.
  • Fixed bug with Crowthistle/Myst5/Hexisle PlMessage flag.
  • Fixed MystV exterior bubble reflections (only the interior ones should be inverted.) Looks correct now.
  • ManualConversion support for all Garrison prps.
  • ManualConversion support for all Neighborhood prps.
  • ManualConversion support for all city prps.
  • p2f support
  • Makes you happy

Version 21

  • Notify if uam.status.xml lists a version of Drizzle newer than this one.
  • Add "copy" and "copy all" options to right-click menu on text components.
  • Added Ahnonay page and storm to Simplicity.
  • Added Ercana page, sparklie, and pots symbol to Simplicity.
  • Added all sparklies to Simplicity.
  • Added calendar island to Simplicity.
  • Added Bahro pole to Simplicity.
  • Dataserver mirror/generator
  • Command-line interface to Drizzle.
  • Erik's Dutch translation.
  • Ability to find which objects have changed between two prps.
  • Ability to change the Agename/sequencePrefix on pots prps.
  • Explicitly cleans up most/all file handles.
  • In the future with notify when there is a new version of Drizzle.

Version 20

  • UAM consistency checker now checks for duplicate pageids in the prp files.
  • Multi-lingual: English, German, and French!
  • Conversion now has some improved speed and memory usage.
  • 'Raininess' slider to change the brightness of Drizzle.
  • Consistency checker now checks .sum files.

Version 19

  • Fixed bug where the first item in Age list didn't show version.
  • Can now select Age by typing the first letters of its name.
  • Increased max heap size for 64bit users.
  • Age Report now works in UAM folder with Agename given.
  • Age Report also warms if .ogg file referenced is not present.
  • Should be able to hear shouting bahro linking now.
  • Moul's light meter at the ferry is now converted.

Version 18

  • Finally made horizontal scrollbars work in lists.
  • Memories features extracts images, text notes, and marker missions from vnode_cache
  • Memories now creates xml file and xsl to view it.
  • Can now select multiple Ages to download and it will batch download them all. (Using the newest version for each Age.)
  • Fix bug with log messages being out of order.
  • Now uses uam.status.xml instead and uam.status.xml contains ref to xsl file that creates a html file from it.
  • Memories now also reads from vault.dat
  • Added drives and Desktop to file select dialog. Added create folder button.
  • Fixed old bug with file select dialog pointing to parent when editing.
  • Reworked GUI
  • Fixed old bug where you could see the default setting before the saved one was loaded.
  • Fixed bug where using letters to skip to the entry in the Age list used filename instead of user-friendly name.
  • Changed default font to cross-platform one (folks without the extra Lucida fonts that come with JDK will just get the default Fixed-width font, but the places that use it are just jTextAreas)
  • Info field can show two lines now.
  • Converts the city/hood Bahro now
  • Music tab in Simplicity allows you to copy the music files to your MyMusic folder, so that you can hear it in Relto's musicbox.
  • Wiki spider
  • Random Age Namer!
  • Fixed crossreftool(wasn't working since the user-friendly version a long time ago)
  • Age info dumper
  • Button to run sanity tests on UAM Ages.

Version 17

  • Tells you how many Ages need updating, and how many aren't installed yet.
  • Now converts the end part of Ahnonay from MOUL.
  • Fixed .sum file bug that affects a few people.
  • LanguageChanger and PortalCalculator are now in UAM.

Version 16

  • Delete button is now enabled/disabled appropriately.
  • Ages can now have a list of files to also be deleted.
  • Ages can now use a file other than agename.age to determine if that Age is installed.
  • Offline-KI, Race's additions, and official nocd patch are now downloadable.
  • Ages with no versions are displayed in blue without an icon (because they are just labels, really).
  • MOUL Simplicity now also convert the city Bahro files

Version 15

  • You can run SoundDecompress from within Drizzle, instead of having to find the file and run it.
  • A bugfix that only affected new users, where it wouldn't create the /agearchives folder.
  • A bugfix where corrupt archives were sometimes not deleted even though they were supposed to be.
  • I simplified and sped-up how it reads the info about Ages.

Version 14

New features on the UruAgeManager side (the UAM tab):

  • Can now display the Age's proper name instead of just the filename.
  • Shows you which versions of an Age you've downloaded.
  • No longer Beta.

New features on the Moul/Myst5/Crowthistle conversion side (the Simplicity tab):

  • Now converts Moul's emotes (requires the soon-to-be-released Ki-offline to use).

Version 13

On the Conversion side:

  • Normals were fixed up for MOUL Ages, which fixes a large number of visual problems including:
    • avatar shadows work (e.g. Minkata),
    • footprints work (e.g. Minkata),
    • dark shadows and areas are fixed(e.g. LiveBahroCaves), water ripples work(e.g. Tsogal),
    • some surfaces are fixed(e.g. Negilahn). Thanks to Nadnerb for figuring out that the problem was Normals!

On the UruAgeManager (UAM) side:

  • The minor bugs mentioned before have been fixed.
  • Colours are easier to distinguish, have icons, and there's a legend now.
  • There's an option to automatically load the last list, or automatically download the latest list on startup.
  • There is now a field for information about each Age (though I still have to fill them in on the list).

Version 12

  • The full list of Ages, rather than just the most recent ones.
  • 7zip compression drastically cuts down download size, and thus speeds up downloads a lot.
  • Ages are kept on your computer in 7zip archives, so that in the post-apocalyptic future, you can still play all the Ages you've ever downloaded, and quickly switch between the versions of that Age without redownloading.
  • Can easily handle multiple mirrors
  • Integrity is verified, so you shouldn't have any problems with broken downloads and corrupted Ages.