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Feature Requests

  • Select multiple Ages to download in sequence.
  • Copy over music to MyMusic folder.
  • Make the uam sanity check make sure the ogg files references by the prps are present in the sfx folder.(Done for Drizzle19)
  • Fix the shouting Bahro linking sound by copying xLink-Stereo.ogg to xLink-StereoMOUL.ogg and changing the refs in the prp(s).(Done for Drizzle19)
  • The first item in the Age list doesn't show the versions when first loading; you must move off it then back onto it.(Done for Drizzle19)
  • Warn about "Launch Uru" not working on Vista, or perhaps hide that button on that platform (and on Linux, too?) (Or check System.SecurityManager to see if we are allowed to execute that file, which seems to be the problem.)(Perhaps this would be fixed by Erik's recommendation on setting Vista permissions?)(Done for Drizzle30)
  • Increase max heap size because 64bit people may be using more heap.(Done for Drizzle19)
  • Convert the light meter, as described here:
  • Change the background colour to a lighter blue, or have the option to change the colour. Done for Drizzle20-Raininess!
  • Add FireworksExplode01.ogg-FireworksExplode06.ogg, FireworksLaunch01.ogg-FireworksLaunch04.ogg, and xSparky_Loop.ogg to Simplicity conversion. Should probably check the other new prps as well.
  • support canyon and kadishgallery and city prps.(Done for Drizzle22)
  • support bevin prps(Done for Drizzle22)
  • support GlobalAvatar prps(Done for Drizzle22)
  • support Gahreesen prps(Done for Drizzle22)
  • Convert fog layer from MOUL Relto and sue it instead of the manually created one(Done for Drizzle22)
  • Comment out Gamma line from MarshScene.fni(Done for Drizzle23)
  • Fix Crowthistle animations and all sceneobjects automatically being put in scenenode(Done for Drizzle24?).
  • Fix Tsogal language problem by renaming the 5 objects with a name of "" to "SfxFootstepRegion-Stone50" Their types are 0x1,0x15,0x1c,0x3f,0xcb(Done for Drizzle23)
  • Disable keyboard input while working as well :P Perhaps add a keylistener to the glasspane.(Done for Drizzle23b)
  • fix bug where drizzle won't start if age list is set to load on startup and Uru folder is removed/moved.(apparently fixed)
  • Button to convert and launch in "The Art" tab.(Done for Drizzle25)
  • Set flags to Compressed streaming on 3dsmax conversion.(Done for Drizzle28)
  • Make Talcum store the secureDownloadQueue files encrypted in RAM each time the authserver starts.(Done for Drizzle27)
  • Have a command-line distillation function to suck the textures a prp uses into the prp. (Useful for 3dsmax conversion.)(Done for Drizzle27)
  • Make moul python files assumed to be unencrypted, I guess.(This already works.)
  • 3dsmax conversion: automatically create VerySpecialPFM and BuiltIn prp if they don't already exist.
  • Have UAM and Conversion tabs try to create and delete a small file in Uru's folder and give the Vista/Win7 troubleshooting message if they don't.(Done for Drizzle30)
  • Possibly make the music player start playing automatically rather than having to push the button.
  • Add a simplified distillation to the command-line.(Done for Drizzle30)
  • Rename *all* 3dsmax prps after conversion, to avoid some more bugs. (Rename rather than delete.) (Or maybe not!)
  • Copy and encrypt SDL files during 3dsmax conversion
  • Make "Object has unknown type..." messages say the object name


  • OfflineKI makes it look like you can walk up the stairs from Ferry Terminal to Takotah Place, but there's still invisible colliders until you've gone the normal route through Kirel.
  • At least one person saw Pahts and Writer's Niche as orange when they linked to them. (they used the Nexus) <== can anyone reproduce this?(crossing off because its an Age issue)
  • Fixed: Someone can run 18b, but neither 19 nor 20. Possibly because of max heap size change. May be able to reduce it again, due to lower mem usage now. Try that and see if it still works for 64bit users.
  • Fix deadlock on startup often occuring when running Drizzle on Linux(I think this is fixed.)
  • MOUL conversion: The thunderstorm Relto page has a transparency issue with one of the suns
  • MOUL conversion: The calender island & bridge don't have correct footstep sounds
  • MOUL conversion: The seek point for the Gahreesen book in the converted hood is problematic (avatar runs around till it gives up)
  • MOUL conversion: The avatar sometimes sinks into the ground when linking to Minkata, like it did in MOUL - maybe move spawn point up a bit?
  • If you link out of a Bahro Cave, your Relto book will remain deactivated until you quit and restart. (fixed for Uamkiplugin18)
  • Somehow the LouderSpace ground has become invisible when too close to it in newer versions. Could it be related to object ordering?


  • External reflections in Myst5 should not be inverted, just the one cubicenvironmap per bubble.(Done for Drizzle22)
  • Simplicity has dialog box asking to run SoundDecompress.
  • Write help for GameHelp tab
  • Delete PtGetDniTime or make it work well :P
  • Watch out for buttons with ... that aren't dialogs
  • Make log messages more consistent
  • Make errors red and warnings orange/yellow(Done for Drizzle28)
  • Put associated icons on legend items
  • add right-click menu with copy for TextComponents that can then call getSelectedText and stick it on the clipboard.
  • When UAM lists ages updateable, etc, also say if there is a new version of Drizzle.
  • Add an option to dataserver generation to not force myst5/crowthistle .age files.
  • Put prps in the base or other section so as to perhaps not break .sum files for offline?(breaks some times, so don't do it.)
  • Make Drizzle's name show up in process manager instead of java (doesn't seem possible without binaries.)(Done with optional Drizzle.exe)
  • make Drizzle show when it is working with a green/red light or something.(Done for Drizzle23)
  • make a button to clean up the 'agearchives' folder(Done for Drizzle23)
  • detect which version of an Age is installed.(Done for Drizzle23)


  • Possibly replace "Tijd" with "Wereld" in Dutch translation; need to find space.
  • Replace "geupdated" and similar with "aktualisiert"