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Fan Age Fog Settings

Some Fan Ages don't set the fog in the .fni file, so it uses the settings from the previous Age. This is a problem if they don't link there from Relto. Where not specified, it should use the settings as if it was linked to from the Age it normally comes from, i.e. Relto's settings.

The following Ages are affected:

  • no .fni file:
    • BoxAge
    • Dustin
  • empty .fni file:
    • Outpost
    • Eder Rilteh Inaltahv
    • Setal Gahmarin
    • Dustin2
    • Vaiskor
    • TaklaMakan2 (this can be ignored, since you always link here from TaklaMakan, which has a good .fni file.)
  • ClearColor not set
    • bowling
    • ter
    • vas2