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Manual Conversion

  • Can be used to convert specific files, and it outputs a lot more useful debugging information while doing so.
  • Can also be used to try to read all the pots files to test that the object readers are good.
  • SpecialMods sub-tab can do things like translate an entire Age up or down x units.


Uses reflection to view *all* the contents of prp objects, which can then be modified and saved.


Can encrypt/decrypt files, and also calculate some cryptographic hashes.


  • These features may still be broken at the moment (it will tell you so if you try to use them), but let me know if you would like them, and I'll fix them.
  • There are two buttons for converting xml text to a python string. Useful for changing the .loc files from newer versions of Plasma to something that can be used by Pots.
  • Dump all the objects in a prp with that button.


Shows all the refs and how they point to each other in a prp. Load the prp. Left-click and drag to move a box around. Right-click to select it(you can select any number) There are a number of buttons useful for finding/manipulating things. The purpose is to understand what's going on in a prp file, which is very useful for also finding problems.