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Running the Proxy Server

To run the proxy server:
1) Put all the zip files (or folders, if that's what you're using) into some folder together, including "".
2) Start Drizzle and go to the Proxy tab.
3) Set the base folder to the folder you put all the zip files in.
4) Optional: set the port(default 8012) and whether you want it to log when it successfully reads a file.
5) Click the start button.
6) Set the proxy in your browser to (In firefox 3, go to Tools->Options->Advanced->Network->Connection Settings.  Select "Manual proxy configuration" and check "uses this proxy server for all protocols".  Set "Http proxy" to "" and "Port" to "8012".)
7) Optional: install an add-on like QuickProxy to firefox, so you can quickly switch between proxy mode and not.
8) Go to to start browsing.

Making Custom Archives

You can probably figure it out by looking at current archives, but here it is:

  • An archive can be either a folder(whose structure I will discuss in a moment) or a .zip file of that folder.
  • This folder must contain a file called "DrizzleServer.txt" with the following items:

e.g. The Riven Journals DrizzleServer.txt file:



And a folder for each domain this archive handles, containing the files. e.g. The Riven Journals has a folder layout like this:

etc, etc.