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Sharing Ages

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It's quite easy to share Ages! Just get their files to me somehow, and I'll handle the rest. The most convenient way is to use the uploading form here:

(If you want to send the files in another way, some possibilities are dropbox, megaupload, and rapidshare.)

Here follows some information on what to include. Of course, if you're unsure, please feel free to ask :) Contact

What To Include (for an Age)

  • The /dat files:
    • /dat/YourAgename.age
    • /dat/YourAgename.fni
    • /dat/YourAgename.sum
    • all the /dat/YourAgename_District_*.prp files
  • (optional) If your Age uses custom sounds, then include its /sfx/*.ogg files.
  • (optional) If your Age has an /SDL/YourAgename.sdl file, include it.
  • (optional) If your Age has a /Python/YourAgename.pak file, include it.
  • (optional) If you would like a linking panel for your Age, please take a screenshot, then resize it to 410 x 168 and save it as a jpg: /img/LinkingImage_YourAgename.jpg (It's normal for it to look stretched; you can see other examples in the /img folder.)
  • (optional) If you would like a custom cover for your Age, copy /img/CoverImage_Void.jpg to /img/CoverImage_YourAgename.jpg and modify it to suit you!
  • (optional) If you would like to give the Age a name different from the filename, or other customizations, include the file /img/UamAgeInfo/UamAgeInfo--YourAgename.txt (Info on how to make this file is at UamAgeInfo Files, or I can make it for you if you tell me what you want.)

What To Include (for a Relto Page)

  • /dat/Personal_District_UamPage-YourReltoPage.prp
  • /img/UamRelto/UamRelto--YourReltoPage.txt (Info on how to make this file is at Relto Pages Information File, or I can make it for you if you tell me what you want.)
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