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To see which Relto Pages you can turn on or off, flip to the back of your Relto book. Each fan-made Relto page will have a text description on the left-hand side. You must be on your own Relto to view and change them, however.

There can also be pages which are installed, but which you have not earned yet. They may be a reward for solving some puzzle in some fan Age somewhere!

And yes, when online, visitors to your Relto will see all the pages you have turned on!

Creating a Relto Page

See Dustin's Relto Page Tutorial

List of Reserved Pages

See UAM/ReltoPages/List

The Information File

Each Relto Page needs an information file. But don't worry! If you want, you can just send the prp to Dustin, and he'll handle the information file if you like. But if you want to do it yourself, here's the info:

These files go in Uru's /img/UamRelto folder, and are named something like "UamRelto--DustinsFancyReltoAddition.txt"

Here's an example:

text--en=Dustin's Fancy Relto Addition!;

default (required)

Default sets whether the player simply has the page or must earn it first. "off" means that they just have it. (Though they need to turn in on in their Relto book.) "unattained" means that they must earn it first. (The python code to say a player has earned it is quite simple, and you can find it at UAM/Python, in the "EnableReltoPage" section.)

pagenum (required)

This is simply the pagenum that you used to create the prp file. If you've forgotten it, I can find it from the prp file for you.


This is an optional item. It lists the objects from Cyan's pages to try to hide/disable. This is a comma-separated list of "SceneObjects" which Uam will try to hide before showing yours. Note that note all objects can be hidden for technical reasons. Be careful what you hide, because some things will actually mess up Cyan's (and therefore someone other than your own) puzzles. Consequently, some object might not be able to be listed here.


This can be used to specify a better name for the Relto Page, instead of just the filename.


The same as text--en, except for German. If this is not specified, it will use text--en for German players as well.


The same as text--en, except for French. If this is not specified, it will use text--en for French players as well.