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Zephyr Cove Rework

From UamWiki

So of course after even a longer period of time (that's how it seems to go here). I took a look at Zephyr Cove again.

The Age is just a wreck.

No mater how hard I try, I can't get the cliffs there to look good:


This is because of how I made the meshes for them way, way, way back when:


The pic above screams: "WHAT THE HECK WERE YOU DOING???"

And of course the answer is: Back then, I had no idea.

So I'm going to have to completely rebuild everything from scratch. This presents a very good oppertunity in that I can change how the beach is configured so that it's on the outside of the crescent. This will allow me to use Vis Regions and thus making it to where the Age won't have anymore performance problems, or causing people's computers to crash.

Still, can't wait to use my new palm trees:


And so the building begins: With the beach:


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