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Logging In gets stuck at "Authenticating..." or "Login failed: Unspecified server error"

The server may have crashed. Use the User Console [1] to restart it.

A player is shown as being online, but they are not

 There are two possibilities:
 1) It is a problem on the server
     Login to the User Console: [2]
     Click the "Remove Zombies" button.
 2) It is a problem on the client
     Try clearing the vnode cache:
         *Quit the game if it's currently running.
         *In the Windows File Explorer, put the following in the location:   %LocalAppData%\UamShard
         *Delete the folder named "vnode_cache"

The game crashes after you click Play, but before the black game window shows up

This sometimes happens randomly. Trying again should make it work.

When linking to the hood, the game crashes

With the message: "There seems to be a problem with the online connection. Please quit and try again. #09 (TERMINATED: Server LogOff. Reason: UNKNOWN REASON CODE)".

Cause: There are other prps with the same pagename being loaded.

Solution: Delete the NeighborhoodMOUL*.* files in the /dat folder.

When you try to link to an Age, it tells you that it's not installed

If it is a Pots or Moul Age, then this is a bug.

Cause: The Age is set to type "file" instead of "dataserver".

Solution: Ask the shard admin to fix it.

If it is a Crowthistle/Myst5/Hexisle/Magiquest Age

Cause: The game hasn't been converted yet.

Solution: You need to own that game, and convert it with Drizzle into your shard folder. (Feel free to ask questions on how to do this, of course!)

Teledahn does not work properly

Cause: You are probably running Windows7.

Solution: See the Windows7 section below.

Opening the Direbo book crashes the game

Cause: You are probably running Windows7.

Solution: See the Windows7 section below.


Vista and Windows7

Vista and Windows7 have a security feature that makes for some trouble here. If you're running Vista or WIndows7, you might have to do the following:

Navigate to the Shard folder (which might be "C:/Program Files/Ubi Soft/Cyan Worlds/Uru - Ages Beyond Myst") Right click that folder, go to properties, then the Security tab. Click on 'Edit', select the 'Users' group, and allow 'Full control' for that group. (Thanks Erik!)

Use 'Uru.exe' to start Uru, and *not* 'UruSetup.exe'.

Windows 7

On Windows 7, Teledahn does not work properly. You can fix that by right-clicking on your "UruExplorer.exe", choosing "Properties", then selecting "Compatibility" and enabling compatibility mode for Windows XP SP3. This however triggers some problems with videos copied from Myst V - so if you converted these ages, you should now remove the files "direboWithAlpha.bik" and "mystWithAlpha.bik" from your "avi" directory.

I can't find the Crowthistle book anymore

If you have converted Crowthistle, but there's a different book there, you may have replaced it using the /bookshelf command. Type

 /bookshelf 18 default

then relink into Relto and it should be back.

The game crashes when linking to a fan Age

This could be caused by many things. Here are some:

  • Some Ages crash with some videocards. Some Ages this is known to be a problem for: Box Age, Odema
  • The Age's prefix may have changed. In which case, try linking into the Age a second time, and it may work now.
  • Random crash. It could just have been a random crash, and it may work the next time you try.

You just get a black screen in the game

There are a few different potential causes.

  • Make sure that in the Graphics tab of the launcher, that "3D Hardware" is set to the one with "[HAL]" and not the one with "[REF]"
  • If it just happens with a certain Age or two, then it may be due to a conflict with sequence prefixes. Please let me know what Age gave you the problem.

Clearing the Vnode Cache

  • Quit the game if it's currently running.
  • In the Windows File Explorer, put the following in the location:  %LocalAppData%\UamShard
  • Delete the folder named "vnode_cache"