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How can I invite someone to my Relto?

Use your KI to send an invite to them. It is just like sending an invite to your Kadish! Then they can go to the Nexus and link to your Relto.

How do I customize my bookshelf?

Use the /bookshelf command. You can type /uam for more information.

How can I have the Crowthistle/Myst5/Hexisle/Magiquest Ages on the Shard?

Use Drizzle to convert them, just as you would for offline play! The instructions are here: Converting Ages. There's no need to do the Moul or Pots conversion, nor to use Drizzle to install the fan Ages, as those things are automatically downloaded when you link to those Ages. (The reason you need to convert Crowthistle/Myst5/Hexisle/Magiquest is for copyright: it's nice to buy these games and thus support the authors of them!)

A fan Age's puzzles have already been solved. How do I reset the Age to its original state?

Simply type /reset when you are alone in a fan Age to reset it to its original state.

How can I be notifed of Uam Shard updates?

You can use an RSS reader, and subscribe to the following address:

Why does it take a long time to link when first going to an Age?

Ages are downloaded to your computer when you link to them the first time, or if there has been an update to that Age. It will show two bars with no text while this downloading is happening. Don't worry, the next time you link there, it will be much faster!

Why is the game slower to start up than it used to be?

It is probably that you have a lot of KI images. (They are re-downloaded each time the game starts up, and this takes time.) You can delete them, but if you want to back them up first, here are two strategies:

  1. Use Drizzle's Memories tab to save them to your computer: Drizzle#Memories
  2. Create another avatar, send them all to that avatar, and then you can always see them again with that avatar if you want.

Where can I find the fan Ages?

You can find the fan Ages in the Nexus, under the "Restoration Links" tab.