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Legal Page

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UAM is authorized by Cyan Worlds, Inc. Drizzle does not contain infringing copyrighted material.


You use this software at your own risk. The author is not responsible for any accidental damage to your Uru installation or your computer, you should make a backup of your sav directory, and if you want, your entire installation. The author is also not responsible for the content of any downloaded Ages. (Though such things are taken seriously, rest assured.)

Licensed Assets from Cyan Worlds, Inc.

  • All Myst, Riven, D'ni, Uru images, text, sound and music © Cyan Worlds, Inc. All rights reserved
  • Myst®, Riven®, D'ni® Uru®, respective Logos® Cyan Worlds, Inc.
  • No part may be copied or reproduced without express, written permission of Cyan Worlds, Inc.

3rd Party Code in Drizzle

  • The license is MIT.
  • The jetty license is LGPL/GPL/Apache2.0/X11-like
    • The readme files say that the javax.servlet classes are CDDL1.0, but Sun has also made them GPLv2+classpathException.
    • Consequently all licenses are compatible(the classpath exception allows us to make this project GPLv3+ even though the javax.servlet classes are GPLv2).
  • The javax.servlet classes are GPLv2, but with a classpath exception, so we can freely use them.
  • The apache commons-math license is Apache2.0
  • The SevenZip stuff license is LGPL.
  • The Antlr runtime source is under a BSD license.
  • The Jbdiff code is under a BSD license.
  • The H2 code is under a modified MPL1.1 or EPL1.0 (at your choice), which cannot directly be mixed with GPL code, but our use of it is fine.
  • The Jacksum code is GPLv2+.
  • The Lpg code is EPL, which cannot be directly mixed with GPL code, but our use of it is fine.
  • The java-diff-utils code is Apache2.0.

All other files are GPLv3 or later, as noted at the start of each file.