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Dual-Mode Sandbox Shard - New!

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Dual-Mode Sandbox Shard

For Non-Programmers

License: GNU GPL v3

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by Phoenix Rising

Version 0.1

December 2011

What is a Dual-Mode Sandbox Shard?

Well, for one thing it is a first for the URU community. If you are the kind of person who wants to run your own shard one day, this wiki will show you how to do that.

The dual-mode sandbox is based on two previous wiki pages on UAM namely and

The key advantage of a dual-mode shard is that the owner can switch between the two types of shard without a reboot. If you got your Tiny Sandbox and Full Sandbox working what you may have found out is they will happily run on the same server, but obviously not at the same time. Just use the same dirtsand installation when you build up your full dataserver.


To switch between the two shard setups all you need to do is edit the dirtsand.ini file in your dirtsand directory on your ubuntu box.

Here is how.

For full dataserver mode:

File.Root = /opt/dirtsand/data
Auth.Root = /opt/dirtsand/authdata

For tiny mode:

File.Root = /opt/dirtsand/tiny/data
Auth.Root = /opt/dirtsand/tiny/authdata

You do not need to change anything else in the file (if you followed the two wiki's) so save it and relaunch dirtsand with

bin/dirtsand dirtsand.ini

I am sure a linux guru can write a little script to make this dummy proof.

Note on Launcher

Just remember that you will need to use the shortcut link with the '-LocalData' switch added at the end of your target to launch the Tiny Sandbox, and use your compiled plClient.exe to launch into your full blown dataserver.



PS: More news to come