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3dsmax/Dustin's Quick Tutorial

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This is just a quick tutorial to get you up and running!

Creating the .age file

  1. If you haven't already got the plugin and 3dsmax setup, see here: 3dsmax/Getting Started
  2. In 3dsmax's output folder (the one you set in PlasmaMAX2.ini while setting up 3dsmax/plugin) create a folder called "dat".
  3. Inside this "dat" folder, create a myagename.age text file (with Notepad or another text editor, and *not* PlasmaShop nor other .age editors) and put in

(but change "myagename" to the filename of your Age and "572" to the sequence prefix it will have. (More info on getting a name/prefix can be found here: ListOfSequencePrefixes)

Creating the prps

  1. Open 3dsmax7
  2. Go to Create->StandardPrimitives->Box and then click and drag somewhere to create a box.
  3. Go to Plasma->ComponentManager and go to New->Misc->PageInfo
  4. For each object you want exported (in this example, just the box):
    1. Select the object(s)
    2. Make sure the PageInfo01 (or whatever you named it) in the ComponentManager is selected
    3. Click on AttachToSelectedObjects
  5. Now,go to the Utilities tab (the little hammer icon) on the right-side toolbar
    1. Click the More button, then ComponentUtil and it should show a "Components (Selected Obj)" area.
    2. Select one of you objects so that PageInfo01 shows up in the list here.
    3. Then a "Page Info" area should show up with "Age" and "Page" as options.
    4. Select the age and page from the dropdown menus. (These options come from the .age file we created earlier.)
  6. Now to export:
    1. Go to File->PlasmaExport and click Export.
  7. The prp files should now be in your output folder!

(For info on how to do some common tasks, see here: 3dsmax/Dustin's 3dsmax Cookbook)

Converting to Uru

  1. We will use Drizzle24 or newer to convert these Moul files to Pots files for your offline game:
    1. Go to the tab labeled "The Art", and set the path to 3dsmax's output folder.
    2. Enter the agename you want to convert. (E.g. if your .age file is "dustin2.age", enter "dustin2" here.) (You can list several to be converted if you want: e.g. "dustin2,happyland,kilarney".)
    3. Just leave Drizzle open, and after you have exported in 3dsmax, click the "Convert" button.
    4. Start Uru and play away!

(Drizzle will remember the path and agenames, so each time you export in 3dsmax, all you have to do is click the "Convert" button.)