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R'Oshanhnin Korvahkhn

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(The full list of Ages: List of Ages)


Calena, Wamduskasapa, Tackzusamm, and Dustin


(to read the spoiler, select it with your mouse or press "Ctrl+A")
Island Age:
  Read the journal on the desk.
    Note that it says that your goal is to find The Lost Linking Book.
    Note that it says there are 8 Journey Cloths throughout the 5 Ages, and to make note of the animals you encounter.
  (You can sit in the chair if you like.)
  There is a book to the Nexus on a bookshelf.
  Open each door to the closet and take a look inside.
  There is a cookbook on the other bookshelf!
  The button to the right of the door opens it.
    Notice the hawk flying.
    Notice the Mosasaur swimming.
    On the back of the shed is the first cloth; touch it! (It shows the D'ni number 1.)
    Use the button on the front of the shed to open it.
    Use the button on the right of the elevator to start it, then get in. Get off at the bottom.

Forest Age:    
  Wait for the elevator to go back up, and behind it you'll find the second cloth, which shows no symbol when you touch it.
  Notice the Raven perched above the exit of the tunnel. (There are also a few above the gazebo.)
  Notice the red and blue frogs besides the trees.
  To the left of the gazebo, notice a racoon and a green frog and the third cloth. (It shows the D'ni number 2.)
  In the gazebo, read the journal. (You can also sit there.)
  The path to the right of the gazebo leads to a hand symbol on a tree, which raises a ladder.
    Notice the squirrel along the tree path.
    There are 7 buttons on a sign:
      Just try them until one opens the door at the end of the path.
      Solution: #4 opens the door, while the others make planks fall out of the path.
      If planks have fallen out, you'll need to jump over them.
      Strategy: On the 2nd bridge, do a running jump from the start to the spot before the final hole, then jump over that.
    Follow the cave straight to the end with the Exile puzzle, then come back and you'll notice the fourth cloth on the back of a pillar. (D'ni number 4.)
    Go to the falling Stranger symbol and a secret door opens to let you do the Desert Age. Do it!
    After you're done with the Desert Age, go back to the Exile puzzle at the end of the Cave of Darkness.
      Hint: You need to understand the symbols from near the end of the game "Myst 3: Exile" to solve this.
      Hint: While 3 of the 4 symbols can be gotten from the main room of Narayan in "Myst 3: Exile", the 4th one can be guessed or gotten from the lower room of Narayan.
      Solution:  . . . .
                 x . . x
                 x x . .
      Onward to the Pulsating Light Age!

Desert Age:
  Push the red button and jump on the low side of the moving platform, then off the high end of the platform into the opening in the brick wall.
  On the back side of the temple is the fifth cloth. (D'ni number 3.)
  Enter the temple at the front. (The doors open automatically.)
    Read the journal on the first dead man.
      Note the hint about turning red into green.
    Notice the 2 snakes.
    Don't click on the Relto page with the image of a squee by those snakes, as it takes you to an inescapable room with 3 snakes!

Longhouse of Pulsating Light Age (Space Age):
  To the right is the second dead man with a journal on him also.
  This area is shaped like a pentagon ring with a smaller pentagon ring inside it.
  Inside the inner pentagon ring is the sixth cloth. (D'ni number 5.)
  Along the outer pentagon ring is a door that opens when you approach it, and leads to a rocket.
  Note the 10 red buttons puzzle:
    Hint: As indicated in the journal in the Desert Age, you need to turn all the buttons green.
    Hint: Label the buttons from 1 to 10, left to right, top to bottom.
    Hint: Every button flips the color of itself and the next two buttons.
    Strategy: There are many possible solutions, and you can reach it just by playing around enough.
    Solution: 1,4,6,8,7,9,10,2,3,5
    Solution: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 (but this one's no fun!)
    Get in the rocket before it takes off and go for a beautiful ride!
    Get off the rocket when it stops at the other dock. (If you wait too long, the rocket will return to the original dock.)

War Canoe Age (Lakeside Age):
  Read the journal on the third dead man here.
  Notice the 3 squees on the side of the pathway.
  Notice the bald eagles flying in the air.
  Along the path, there is an alcove off the path on the left. You can leave the path there and find the seventh cloth behind a tree. (D'ni number 5.)
  At the end of the path is a lake with a bald eagle perched on a short pillar in it.
  Swim to the cave entrance on the other side.
  Read the journal on the fourth dead man here.
    Note that it says you should have found 6 journals and 7 cloths by  now.
  Walk through the visions spiral. (Note the image from Riven of the Sunners in the lagoon.)
  Continue on to an area past the visions, with a green button and the eighth cloth around the corner. (D'ni number 5.)
    Note the D'ni text here: 
      The D'ni letters say: "r ih l - m ah l o e h t a h - m e h - k a m t o - k o m a h l a h e h t"
      Which translates as: "We must not forget where we came from."
  The green button will not work until you have touched all 8 cloths.
  Once you have touched all 8 cloths and then this button, a staircase will open in the ground.
    You are now in a room just like the one in Riven, with many animals on stones. A puzzle!
      Hint: Recall the importance the journals gave to remembering the animals you've seen.
      Hint: Depress the stones of the animals you've seen.
      Hint: There are 9 of them.
      Solution: (numbered clockwise from the wolf)
        Raven (2), Raccoon (5), Sunner/Mosasaur (7), Frog (8), Bald Eagle (10), Squirrel (13), Squee (14), Snake (16), Hawk (18)
      The tree symbol will open!
    Touch the Relto page to get it, as a reward!
    The book on the right contains the credits and a link back to the start...  Congratulations, you've found The Lost Linking Book!

Putting this Age on your bookshelf

This command will place this book on the 3rd position of your Relto bookshelf:

/bookshelf 3 RoshanhninKorvahkhn