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Converted Age Walkthroughs

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How do I solve the Moul Ages?

Most things are the same as Moul/Moulagain, and here's an excellent walkthrough for Moul:

How do I get the Moul Bahro Wedges?

The Kadish/Teledahn/Gahreesen/Gira&Kemo wedges are gotten by going to their Bahro Caves.
The Minkata wedge can be found in the Bahro Cave after finishing Minkata.
The Delin/Tsogahl wedges can be found in the Bahro Cave after finishing each one.
The Negilahn/Tetsonot/Payiferen/Dereno wedges are gotten in their Bahro Cave after solving those Ages.
The Er'cana/Ahnonay wedges can be found in their Bahro Cave.  To get there:
  Er'cana: There is a Shell symbol floating in the air near the image of the fissure.
  Ahnonay: You must go the The Great Tree Pub (available in the Nexus).
    There is a link to the Moul version of Ahnonay's end here.  The Shell symbol is out on the ledge.

How do I get to Moul's K'veer?

You can find the Linking Book in the Kahlo Pub, which is just off to the side of the Great Stair in the city.

How do I get to Moul's Great Tree Pub?

The book is available in the Nexus.

How do I get to Moul's Ahnonay?

Head to Moul's Great Tree Pub, where you'll find an Ahnonay book, which leads to the ending portion of Moul's Ahnonay.

How do I get to Moul's Bevin/Kirel?

These books are available in the Nexus.  (Moul's Bevin is here referred to as "Seret", but is actually Moul's Bevin.)

How do I get to the Myst5 Ages?

Return to the Cleft (i.e. you must have been to your Relto at least once).
Jump over the fence, climb the volcano, and jump in!
You should link to the interior of the volcano from Myst5.
From here, you can find a Direbo link.
  From Direbo, you can link to Tahgira, Todelmer, Laki'ahn, and Noloben.
  You should now have a Direbo book in the top-right of your bookshelf.
Releeshahn's book can be found in the Library in the city.
Find the book to Moul's K'veer:
  It's in the Kahlo pub, off to the side of the Great Stair in the city.
  In Moul's K'veer, the book to Myst Island can be found.

How do I get to the Hex Isle Ages?

They can simply be found in the Nexus' "Restoration Ages" tab.
They are: MoldyDungeon, PumpkinJungle, CatfishCanyon, DessertDesert, PlasmaMiasma, and LouderSpace!

How do I get to the Crowthistle Ages?

They are The Great Marsh and Rowan Green, and they should both be found in a book in the lower-right of your bookshelf.
If you've got another book there, you'll have to restore them by typing "/bookshelf 18 default".

How do I get to the Magiquest Ages?

The Portal Well can be found in the Nexus' "Restoration Ages" tab.
From the Portal Well, you can link to the Clan Courtyard and the Twisted Woods!


(These lists are incomplete, but will be added to!)


September: Teledahn, in the slave area.
October: Phil's Relto, on the dock.
November: The Great Zero (aka Rezeero), in the backmost room.
December: Myst Island (the POTS version, not the Myst5 version.)

By Age

Phil's Relto

Journal: Yeesha's Journal (same as on Relto)
Journal: Phil's Journal
Clothing: DRC Vest
Book: Kirel


Clothing: Sharper's Hat
Book: Teledahn (Sharper's Office)
Book: Phil's Relto


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