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So You Want To Create An Age......satire

From UamWiki

So you want to create an Age that you can link to in Uru do you?

First you need to download about a Gajillion different programs, and go out to purchase a ton of new equipment. Then try to get organized:


Now you have to make sure you are all set up. Don't forget to make sure ALL of your device drivers are enabled:


Remember, the tools for Age Creation are constantly being updated to fix problems that come up and to improve things. Make sure you don't have any surprises in your computer:


Remember that there are LOTS of tutorials out there, both at the GoW Wiki and here to help you:


Just remember, creating Ages (or tutorials for making Ages) can take a long time.....a VERY long time.....:


Always remember that it's rare for things to go right the first time. Expect minor complications to occur:


Get yourself a mobile system so that you can do Age Creation while on the go:


Always try to do your Age Creation when you'll not be bothered by others:


Remember that others will be critical of your work. Try to maintain a positive mater HOW MUCH they get on your nerves:


Last Tip:

Always keep your mind on your Work, or else your Age could end up looking different than you first dreamed of it:


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